Preschool Science

Preschool Science – Color Changing Flowers

This week, we have been studying flowers & butterflies. G has been really interested in the butterfly life cycle! Yesterday, we did a little experiment with some flowers… We made them change color!

This project is great for showing little ones how plants drink water! It also exemplifies the old saying, “You are what you eat.” Or, in this case, drink. =)

All you need for this is food coloring, a few jars, & some white flowers. I used daisies, but I remember doing this as a kid with carnations. I’m sure white roses would work as well.



Gather up your jars. You can use as few or as many as you would like – it just depends on how many colors you’d like to use. Add water & food coloring to the jars. The more concentrated the color is, the more obvious the changes to the flower will be. Cut the flowers to fit the jars, & place them in the colored water.

G wanted a rainbow. (He’s still stuck on our spring/weather unit, which I love!) So… we made a jar with each color of the rainbow!PSX_20170323_120056

We also cut one flower stem in half, until about halfway up the stem, & put it into 2 different colors. He chose blue & yellow.


I asked G which colors he wanted to do for the next split flower. He said, “All the colors!” So… we tried that. Our food coloring came with 4 colors, so we split our flower stem into 4. I assume this would be a little easier with a rose or carnation stem. The daisies had 2 or 3 flowers on one big stem, & the stem itself wasn’t very sturdy. We tried to prop it up with a few straws & some clothespins.


When all of the flowers were in their jars, we moved them near the window, into the sunlight. All of those colors looked so pretty in the bright sun!


We checked them a little while later, & didn’t see a dramatic difference, but you could definitely see them starting to take on a hint of color. This was 3 hours into the experiment:


(red on top, orange on bottom)

We didn’t start this project until later in the day. After this check, the sun went down, & it was too hard to see any differences without the sunlight to show them off. We waited until this morning to check them again. There were some major differences this time, including some not-so-good ones! =/  This is at the 18 hour mark…


(red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)

You can definitely see the difference, the most obvious being the blue & purple.

Our half blue / half yellow flower worked… halfway. Haha.


You can definitely see the blue, but there are some little hints of yellow in there.

The flowers we split into 4… well… didn’t make it. =( Hey, that’s what experiments are for, right? To see what works & what doesn’t?


I’m sorry, little Daisies!

The flowers that did take on color ended up with some cool little stripes =)



Even though the results weren’t as dramatic as we thought they would be, this was a fun little experiment for G. After all, things are always more exciting when you are 3!!!

Now go try it out! Try some different flowers & colors… I’d love to see your results! Have fun! lovejess



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