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The BEST copy-cat recipe I’ve ever had.

After posting a photo of my dinner to Facebook the other night, I’ve had a lot of requests for the recipe. This copy-cat is spot on. SO GOOD!


Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers. They are pretty much the only thing I ever order at Chili’s. But, for some reason, we only end up at Chili’s if it happens to be someone’s birthday… And only getting to eat these once or twice a year is NOT going to cut it anymore. Now I can make these bad boys any time I crave them. I’m thinking at least once a month. Seriously, that’s how delicious these turned out! I was making the sauce, and I was a tiny bit skeptical when it called for what I consider a lot of ketchup. But once it was done and I snuck a taste… Oh man. I was in my happy place. =)

I found the recipe on Pinterest, and I was super impressed. The hubby suggested making them with a tad less sugar, but I thought they were perfect. Up to you, I guess! Head on over to Creme de la Crumb & get the recipe!

Now I’m craving them again…lovejess


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